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Dire Straits - Sultans of swing (Alchemy)

We might touch hear to something unique. The most unique sound I have ever heard coming out of a guitar. Mark Knopfler is the responsible. Unlike Maggot brain, he does it with his fingers only, no effects, no help, nothing. Just by picking the chords, the « quiet man of rock » can make you travel across his fantasy, make you feel each note, one by one, and gradually abandon yourself for something you only dreamed about. What a touch, what a sense of playing the right notes at the right time to create subtile and aerial melodies. Nothing less, nothing more, just an overflowing sensation of pure joy, the pleasure of the mere human when God makes him the favor to  descend on Earth and permit him to listen to the sound of happiness.

I don’t like dogma, but honestly this is their best live performance of their best song. And maybe the happiest track in rock music. The first part is good, and the word is weak, but after the calm break in the middle, it reaches unexpected heights, vertiginous summits where you have to hang on to Mark Knopfler’s fantastic bandana « John McEnroe style » to not fall. Every instrument blend into a peaceful harmony leaded by the softness of the less invasive lead guitarist, just like someone who would give an helping hand. Look at the smiles on their face. A group considered limp ! What do you need to prove or to show when you can produce such a composition ! Instruments speak for themselves !

Who said rock couldn’t be soft in addition to being powerful ? Mark Knopfler demonstrates it with such an ease, mesmerizing you like a magician. And no tricks there, he really fills his music with magic secrets only he knows.

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